Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gadget Fever: what cows and the iPhone have in common...

What is up with the herd mentality when it comes to the iPhone? Some have called it gadget fever, but I really think it is more similar to panic and hysteria or herd behavior. I am trying to figure oout WHY people would rush to buy something that they know will be restocked and continually sold. Seriously. Why would you wait in an 8 hour line. This isn't a limited release product. This is not one-time-only. This IS the phone.

The only people who I think have a duty to wait in those lines are reviewers, journalists and the like, because they need to publish their experiences as soon as possible. The rest of us....we just have issues with delay of gratification. American's are completely insane when it comes to this. But, do we not see how corporations (even the ones we like, such as Apple) play up our hysteria for their own profitability? Get a clue: they are playing you. This is marketing. Not an actual desire for the product. Go Apple. Shame on you people.

Even after the systems started crashing, people still didn't turn away and 'come back later'. This is why I call it heard behavior. Ever try and direct a panicked group of cattle? You can't. Just like you can't convince someone to reasonably look at their wants and the current impediments to that want and ask them to make sound decisions.

This panic over the iPhone 3G has actually made me not want one. I owned two of the previus iPhones and loved every minute of owning them. But, this iPhone 3G hysteria is a little out of control. Hello: it's ONLY faster and cheaper. They did not reinvent the phone. The initial wave of response for the phone a year ago was acceptable: it had a curiosity component to the madness. It was completely unique and never seen before. But, faster and cheaper as reasons for an even bigger hysteria...

Was the price point reduction such a huge drop as to create new hysterical masses? Do most of these people plan on pulling out their stop watches when Safari serves up content?

So again, good job Apple and the iphone 3G for showing us just how insane US consumers can be.

-kate pendley

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