Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parallels & MS Word - Don't Do It!!

So, I am diligently banging away on a business strategy piece for work and am having the rather unfortunate experience of having to create the document in MS Word via Parallels.

A word to the wise:  don't do anything too fancy lest you might crash the whole darn thing.

Appears to me that MS Word (being a beast of a program even in its natural environment) is not suited for the replicated environment.  It freezes like crazy, splinters and acts like it has pretty much gone out its mind. Rather annoying when you have an EOD deadline and its the only word processing software you have on your computer.

If anyone out there has advice as to how to optimize MS software within parallels it would be greatly appreciated.  And, no, the answer is not:  Just stop using MS.  Don't have that option.

-Kate Pendley  

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