Saturday, June 14, 2008

120 Days and OUCH!

So I have officially reached 120 days of being 100% smoke free. Go me! It has been quite a ride lately, with all of the moving and new job stress, but overall it's been bearable and I have only had a couple moments where I truly missed smoking. Ironically, today has been a bit difficult. Have been hit by a number of fairly strong cravings that came out of (what seemed to be) nowhere. No I realize that withdrawal symptoms can be triggered by relaxation, or at least for me they can. Apparently some time hangin' on the beach is enough to get the stress levels to drop and the "oooo.....ooooo.....I want a smoke" to kick in.

On top of the 120 days of being smoke free, I can also say that I am 36 days 100% nicotine free. The 'fits' are improving with time (the are less severe and less frequent), but I tell ya', I am sooooo ready for this part to be over.

On a happier note, Tucker and I joined our new buddy from the office, Wes, for a day at Huntington dog beach. What an awesome place for dogs! I am really impressed that Huntington has dedicated such a large space of beach for the dogs to roam free. So many pups playing in the sand, digging holes, racing the waves, wrestling with each other, trompling people's beach blankets.

Tucker ran for almost 2 hours straight. I was so proud of him both wandering away and figuring out how to come back. His socialization skills have really improved and he actually initiated play with a number of big dogs.

After the beach, Wes took us for our first Chronic Taco experience. Yummy! Seriously, Yummy! mmmmmmmm

Only bummer of the day is this wicked bad sunburn on the back of my legs and the tops of my thighs (leave it to me to get the most uneven sunburn...errggg).

So, if you are ever in the SoCal are with your dog, I highly recommend checking out the dog beach. Your doggie will love it!

-kate pendley

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